Sex Tips and Tricks – 7 Hot Steamy Ways to a Hot, Sexy Evening!

Want some hot sex tip and trick to please your lover? Wondering exactly how to do it with terrific orgasms? You are not alone! At last, your lover is available to you tonight. The house will be empty. Even the neighbors are out of town.

You have the great time for a positive sexual experience. Both of you are in the mood but you want the experience to be extraordinary. But how will you go about making the night the most special? Relax! We have seven proven effective sex tips and tricks ready for you!

Sex Tip No: 1

Firstly, the trick to having good sex is to do with an empty stomach. If you are having dinner, make an attempt to have sex before eating. You want to be both hungry in mind and in body. Give yourself a little snack, take on a glass of wine and talk to your partner.

Really spend the time to get to know what your sex partner is thinking of. Then go to the bedroom for sex, avoiding the heavy meal and lethargy that often follows. You can get some energy with your small snack and save the gorging on dinner after you are sated in bed.

Sex Tip No: 2

Try this interesting surprise better sex tip. Send your partner out on a quick or easy errand and when he or she is gone, place a string or ribbon to the inside of the doorknob. Let the ribbon flow all the way to the bedroom where you will be waiting there for your lover. If you try this sex trick, chances are your lover will love the romantic surprise you give her!

Sex Tip No: 3

Besides the above sex tip and trick, remember to buy a new sex toy. Make it the one your partner will really love. Tie it up with a bow and put it under their pillow. Also think about trying out a new sexual lubricant for either of you to try or both.

Sex Tip No: 4

Consider trying a heightener. This is a product that does the sex trick of increasing the circulation of the genital organs. Increased circulation makes for increased sensitivity to touch and stimulation. Drugstores often have these kinds of products available to you. It can be used for a man or a woman for better sexual experience.

Sex Tip No: 5

Put on clean sheets, take a nice hot shower and ask your partner to join you in the shower. The sex trick is to soap each other up, touching each other all over so that you can have some nice foreplay in the shower.

Then dry each other off and take the next steps in bed. Some couples prefer to have sex in the shower itself. This is one of the great sex tips and trick you might want to consider heightening your orgasms.

Sex Tip No: 6

Be more vocal. Tell your lover exactly what you want to have them do to your body and then let your lover do the same and tell you what they want done. Being a better sex trick is to increase your sexual excitement, don’t be afraid to make noise through groaning or calling out your lover’s name. When you make sounds, you are heightening both your and your partner’s sense of arousal.

Sex Tip No: 7

Have a shared sexual fantasy. If you haven’t ever done this, try starting with a fantasy starring each other. Have a scene where you are naked on a beach or lying on a deserted island.

Many lovers find that their love life has gone stale or even sour. Use the above sex tip and trick to spark your love life back again so that you can enjoy the love scene together. When you have the time and the privacy to do it, use one or more of the above sex ideas to find new ways to be pleasurable with one another.

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Sex Advice For Women – 10 Hot Easy Tips to Achieve Perfect Sexual Health!

Are you looking for proven effective sex advice for woman? Wondering what are the best ways to keep up your sexual health? There are many magazines or books for women out there that help and tell you how to be healthy through the use of exercise and diet.

There are diets available for just about any health issue. How often, however, do you see anything that helps you maintain sexual health? Let’s look at ten better sex guidance for women to remain sexy and keep up sexual activity.

Sex Advice No: 1.

So what is the first and foremost sex commendation for woman? Utilize fantasy with your partner in order to keep the sex drive alive! Indulge in fantasy even if you don’t have a sexual partner. Women who stop thinking about sex have trouble starting again.

Sex Advice No: 2.

Pleasure yourself in order to stay in shape sexually. Many women would have a better chance of having an orgasm with her partner if she practices more often by herself. Don’t forget woman sexual guidance books and sexual toys.

Sex Advice No: 3.

Make sure your method of birth control fits with your style. If you’re having sex frequently, condoms might not be your best choice as they have a higher failure rate. Talk to your doctor about your birth control options for better sex recommendation.

Sex Advice No: 4.

Do Kegel exercises. These strengthen the pelvic floor, which help your bladder stay up and your uterus and vagina to be stronger. It can also help a woman have a better and stronger orgasm.

Sex Advice No: 5.

Use glycerin-free lubricant. Glycerin is too much like sugar and breeds yeast infections in women who are prone to them. You can find them in the drug store. Just read the label.

Sex Advice No: 6.

One of the most essential recommendation for woman is to… watch female hormones. Hormones can be over- or under-used by women, especially around menopause. You should use the lowest dose of hemorrhoids that control the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

Use it also for the briefest period of time. Hormones may have positive cognitive benefits but if used in large quantity and for too long, you can cause more harm than good.

Sex Advice No: 7.

Remain healthy. There are many chronic illnesses that have sexual side effects, including women with diabetes, who can get nerve damage or vaginal dryness. Such women can have problems getting an orgasm due to the nerve damage. You can also stay sexy longer if you keep exercising and keep your weight down.

Sex Advice No: 8.

Practice experimentation is a vital sex suggestion for women who want greater sex fulfillment experience. Try using an ice cube on your lover or let your lover drink wine directly from your lips. Have sex blindfolded or tie your lover up with crepe paper. Buy a costume on the internet that is sexy and fun.

Sex Advice No: 9.

Don’t forget about safe sex. Things like genital herpes or Chlamydia can really put a damper on the passion of a weekend with your lover. Use condoms every time you have sex.

Sex Advice No: 10.

Take care of your genitals. Be wary of anything that could cause harm, such as the G spot shots some doctors’ recommend. They are unnecessary and aren’t proven. Instead read a woman sexual recommendation book about the g spot and try to stimulate in manually.

Lastly, the critical sex advice for woman is to make sure keeping up your sexual health is as important so long as you want to have a good and active sex life for a long time. Sex is a great gift you’ll want to keep for years to come, if you know the ways to take care of yourself.

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Sex Slavery As Polite Conversation

Someone finally wrote the book, which sounds like the final word on the sex trade – that should really be the first word. An urgent and full education is needed, and this book becoming coffee-table commonplace would be the first step. The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It By Victor Malarek, peels back the sticky plastic and scrutinizes men’s involvement, and instigation of the world sex trade. This has been in the news magazines over the past few years, and only recently labeled as the slavery that it truly is – and only very recently is the accusatory gaze being leveled at the john as perpetrator without prejudice.

Certainly, this is not an eureka moment. This is the conclusion drawn by me in the last ten years of studying (in my arm-chair fashion) the role of women in the sex trade. I have spent most of my adult life deconstructing my own attitude toward sex, illicit sex, relationships and society through extensive reading, talking, observation and learning. Why? Well, why does anyone do anything?

Everyone is interested in sex. Too many people change the channel when it comes to actual dialogue about sex, the sex trade and its consequences. Why people stop thinking at the edge of their beds has always astounded me. Why sex appeal in advertising persists when it is sickeningly transparent, and why sex is the source of more humor than education has always astounded me. I have had arguments with men regarding their role as fathers and boyfriends in the sex trade. Many refuse to be viewed on par as peers to the seedy John that buys the services of sex workers. Maybe I am too blunt by placing the swimsuit calendar in the garage on par with buying an underage Asian woman for an hour. Often, I had to back down and agree to disagree. Finally you can read an entire book thoroughly exploring this very uncomfortable idea that the average white male may have a larger role in the sex trade than any whore or pimp would ever want.

The book being written by a man offers a whole new gravity to the message. With all due respect, a book like this could have, and in many ways should be written by a woman. Sadly, I feel that like most sex expose or sex education written by women, the book would be largely ignored by men. Then again, I also have great trouble classifying which breed of feminist I am, or if I am one at all. The everyday bra burning riot grrl seems to me a childish and reactionary version of the women I admire who were women of real action who could succinctly explain their goals and feelings. Far greater, I admire the 1830’s country farm wife who could do complex math, read and write like it was no big thing. It would take a very particular girl to be able to write a book like Johns and be taken with unflinching belief. Fairly any man could have written a book like Johns, and luckily the perfect one did. His previous book Natashas sparked much televised expose of the women of the sex trade – he now focuses on the men.

Regardless or creed, all people have great reason to read a book like this. Whether or not you have given this sex slavery the world is churning out a second thought, ever have or never would step foot in a strip bar, have a daughter, mother, aunt or favorite female teacher or ever been offended by a sexually charged advertisement – or on the other hand, been sexually charged by an offensive advertisement – this book is a must read.

Sure, it is an uncomfortable topic. War is uncomfortable. The decaying state of the planet is largely uncomfortable. Political views can be extremely uncomfortable. Sex should be the most comfortable thing to think about clearly since we all have it at home (or at work! lol!) in whatever form you envision. Many of us can barely articulate our true attitudes toward sex. Sex is something that we deal with nearly every day. We don’t have Parliament in our kitchens, nor war in the bathroom, and we rarely have tar ponds on our couch, yet many conversationalists act like they do.

…how many men within 20 feet of me participated in sex tourism.

We read news articles about freegans and feel better about our blue box. We read about war and feel great about our camouflage ribbons. We read about political proceedings to feel… or not feel… good about our vote. Not many people read educational texts or articles about sex that they don’t already agree with. Harlequin romance is a great example – those who read that largely agree with it as an ideal. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is a great book for those that have thought or acted outside that Harlequin Romance box. Talk Dirty To Me is an even better choice as chapters deal extensively with the (western, healthy, mostly free-thinking) sex trade workers view toward sex.

Johns is the next logical step in that trend. Hopefully, instead of having to read it in a hidden, shy way like a ‘gentlemen’s’ magazine in the seventies, those who read it will be able to have open discussion about their thoughts on the use of women here and abroad for sex. It was not long ago I wondered openly and aloud about how many men within 20 feet of me participated in sex tourism. The people I was with acted as if I had just gutted a live cat on my dinner plate. Hopefully, with a little education and time to digest, the reaction to that question will change.

Lydia Peever is a writer, photographer and student living in Ontario, Canada.


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